Imagine your budget with the heating line drastically reduced by up to 20%.


Translation: thousands of dollars to reallocate to a better use.

Every year, starting immediately.

How? Sustainable local wood is the answer to heating budget woes.

Just ask the NH Wood Council or your neighbors – fellow churches, schools, industrial facilities, research facilities, multi family, conference centers and camps.

Wood pellets keep you toasty warm while delivering predictable monthly pricing.

Learn how to save money, increase energy security and decrease emissions with a custom Pelletco heating solution.


Your Priorities are Our Priorities Too 

  1. Warm heat without breaking the budget
  2. Heat costs that won’t fluctuate from month to month
  3. Savings in heating costs to reinvest back into the business
  4. Zero ($0) upfront costs to start saving immediately
  5. Dependable, reliable heat, plus savings you can count on year after year

We live in Northern New England – it snows and gets brrr cold!

We have Yankee values – we don’t waste money, fossil fuel, or nonrenewable resources!

We are community minded – people helping people, creating jobs, keeping it local!

What are the next steps?

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