• If You Could Replace Your Oil or Propane Based Heat and Save 20% in HeaEng Costs Immediately, with 100% Sustainable Fuel, while Reducing Greenhouse Gasses by 75%, and Providing Jobs for the Local Economy, for No Capital Investment WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO MAKE A CHANGE?
  • Thanks to Pelletco, we’ve made the switch to biomass fuel from oil and have reduced our heating expenditures with no capital cost.  Nick Brown, Ph.D Director Center for Cooperative Aquaculture Research University of Maine

Why keep feeding the oil monster? Pelletco provides cost effective Heating options for businesses and institutions. Get off of oil and propane and convert to green energy that is 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly while reducing carbon emissions 80%. Oil heat produces emissions that increase carbon int he air while wood pellets are far more efficient and provide local sustainable energy.